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The Ultimate Solution for Audio Mixing and Echo Control in the High-Bandwidth Musical Videoteleconference
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Controlling Outgoing Echo
Unlike other echo cancellers that use Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)—which drastically alters the frequency content, making the audio unsuitable for musical applications—ECHODamp uses a sophisticated, dynamics-based algorithm to control echo without altering the frequency content. Echo control in ECHODamp is a 2-part process. You first prevent audio from your loudspeakers from entering your microphones with the Downward Expanders built into ECHODamp.

With proper microphone and speaker positioning, the Downward Expanders allow you to quickly and easily tell ECHODamp when sound entering the microphone is from the performer and should be sent to the remote site (left image), and when it is from the loudspeakers and should not be sent to the remote site (right image).

Once you have dealt with the outgoing echo, you then control the incoming echo.
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