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The Ultimate Solution for Audio Mixing and Echo Control in the High-Bandwidth Musical Videoteleconference
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A-B Mix Buttons
With the A/B Mix buttons in ECHODamp, you can create two alternate mixes and quickly switch back and forth between them. Imagine a scenario where you have a musician conducting a performance and a masterclass. You may want to create one mix for the performance, and a completely different mix for the masterclass. ECHODamp allows you to preconfigure those two mixes with all the fader, pan knobs, mutes, etc. and instantly switch from one mix to the other.
Creating Alternate Mixes
In addition to creating alternate mixes for the VTC participants, ECHODamp allows you to create separate mixes for your control room and for a live audience. These two parallel mixes are independent from the mix you create for the participants and from each other. Not only can you set separate levels for each of the alternate mixes, you can also turn the echo control capabilities on and off for individual channels in the two alternate mixes.

And speaking of echo control...

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