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The Ultimate Solution for Audio Mixing and Echo Control in the High-Bandwidth Musical Videoteleconference
Winner of the 2010 IDEA Award from Internet2!
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Important Notice:
Thank you to all the users of ECHODamp for your kind words of support over the years. I created ECHODamp to solve a problem specific to the interactive music over high-performance networks environment. Now that low-latency applications such as LOLA and UltraGrid are available, I feel that ECHODamp is not needed and I no longer have the time to maintain it for current operating systems. Thus, the ECHODamp application is no longer available. Feel free to contact me if you have informational or technical questions about ECHODamp, but the program itself will not be available. – Brian K. Shepard

The ECHODamp software application is a multi-channel audio mixer and echo controller designed primarily for the High-Bandwidth Musical Videoteleconference environment. Its intuitive and easy-to-use controls work with nearly any 4X4 hardware audio interface that supports CoreAudio on the Macintosh, or MME, DirectSound, or ASIO on the Windows PC.

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ECHODamp Features
  • Performs multi-channel audio mixing
  • Creates separate mixes for performers, control room, and audience members
  • Controls both incoming and outgoing echo
  • Maintains full audio frequency spectrum
  • Calibrates audio levels between sites
  • Calculates round-trip latency between sites
  • Reduces rumble and low-frequency noise
  • Runs on Macintosh and Windows computers
  • Works with numerous hardware audio interfaces
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Winnder of the 2010 IDEA Award from Internet2! Internet2 Internet2